Beginning A New Book


People often speak of life in terms of chapters. We close one chapter, one season of life, to begin another. While I agree, certain phases are certainly chapters, I tend to think of life more often as a series of books, made up of several volumes. Chapters within individual books within one big series.

So if preschool, elementary, middle, and high school years are all chapters; Childhood or Adolescence may be the book they comprise.

Last summer, Jonathan and I closed one dusty, well loved book. While we were wrapping up the chapters on Life After College, Living With Roommates, and How To Be An Adult, we were ultimately reading the last pages of that entire book, perhaps titled, “Singleness,” or maybe a more fitting, “Before There Was You.”

On a hot day in the middle of June we cracked the spine of a fresh new publication, entitled, “Being The Becks.” We imagine this to be a very large and hefty book. We’ve breezed through a few chapters already, namely, Living In A Hotel, Renovating An Old House, and Owning A Dog For Three Days.

Ah yes, we’re just getting started.

And so with the beginning of this new book, it felt right to begin a new blog as well.

What should you expect here?

To be honest, we have no expectations. We don’t need to be famous (or even well-known) bloggers. Our ambition is not to make a profit off of this space. We just want to record our adventures, and to share our lives with our family and friends.

If you read my old blog, you can expect this new space to be more open, honest, and genuine. In a brief writing hiatus I’ve found that I work things out over the keyboard, my mind gaining more clarity with each letter, each word, each paragraph. With that said, we don’t anticipate accepting advertisers or writing sponsored posts here; just real life.

In the same vein, we don’t intend to heavily advertise ourselves. While we may share a special post on Facebook every now and then, we won’t blow up your newsfeed and we won’t link to everything we write. We foresee this space to be a close little community. If you want to read what we have to share, we are honored and we welcome you, but we’re not out to force our words on the masses.

Here’s to the best book we’ve ever read…

4 thoughts on “Beginning A New Book

    1. Thanks for waiting through my long writing hiatus, Angela! I’m so glad you are still around and hopefully you’ll find this new blog fun to read! 🙂

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